10 Things I Learned from The Originals

I have always had a knack towards mystical creatures. Recently, thanks to Netflix, I turned my couch potato mode on full force when I started watching The Originals, a TV series centering on the first vampires who started it all, witches and werewolves – which is abundant of hot men and women. Being a couch potato isn’t necessarily bad, especially if you learn valuable lesson from it. Hence, here are 10 Things I have learned after Season 2, maybe Season 3 now.

1. Negotiation skill
Hang out with the vampire lots for a while, you’ll learn how to become a manipulative bastard.

2. Always have plan B (maybe up to Plan X)

3. Be prepared of what’s about to happen

4. As far as the saying ‘Make love not war’ goes, you got to do what you got to do and a fighter is sexy

5. Stand up for yourself(but be smart about it)

6. Blood runs thicker than water(although….lots of backstabbing shit happening)
“Always and forever” as they say.

7. Family doesn’t mean people who are bound to you by blood. Family are the ones you fight for and the ones who fight for you.

8. The value of home.
Marcell said “we are not fighting for the city. We are fighting for the soul of the city.”

9. The most important question is “what are YOU fighting for”.

10. New Orleans is a really cool city.

11. All of us were born innocent. But what life hands to us, and how we were raise and how we choose to fight makes us who we are.


Signing off with love,

Filyn 😉



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