‘cos it’s a Perthy little thing

Perth is a pretty chill place to visit. If you are interested to visit Perth, Western Australia, you can check out this post for a 5 days visit just to give you an idea of what to do and where to go. We went on a Good Friday weekend, so some of the shops were closed that day.

Day 1:

Arrived at Perth International Airport at 3:40 pm. Took a cab to our hotel, Kings Perth, for a AUD 41 charge. Our hotel was located in Hay Street, and it was a comfy place to stay in. We got a queen bed and 2 single beds for the four of us for approx. AUD 400 for 4 nights.

Our hotel was a 2 mins walk to the free Red Cat bus, 5 mins walk to Hay Street Mall, 8 mins walk to Murray Street and Perth Underground (the railway station), and also an 8 mins walk to Elizabeth Quay.

As it was a Good Friday, a lot of the shops were closed so we had dinner at this place called Central Kebab and Cafe at Barracks Street. Total cost for dinner was AUD 47 for seafood basket, kebab, fish burger and 4 drinks.

Day 2: 

Went to Rottnest Island or Rotto in short, via Fremantle Line train from Perth Underground. Our stop was Fremantle and when we arrived, we walked to B Shed, which was a 7 min walk from the station. I bought the tickets online, and I had to say, the tickets to Rotto were quite pricey.

But it was definitely worth it!  (look at the picture)


At the Rotto Jetty

We took a bus to go around the island for a cost of AUD 20 each. We could see quokkas loitering around the island (haha), which I thought was pretty cool rather than seeing them caged. There were around 10 stops or so, and among the famous stop was Salmon Bay. The waters looked really blue and beautiful but we didn’t drop off at any of the stops because my parents got tired easily. It was also drizzling when we were in Rotto.


The water is so pretty!


Meeting a quokka

After the 1 hour bus tour, we got off and had lunch at Aristos Waterfront Rottnest restaurant. At 2.15 pm, we followed a free guided tour to check out the quokkas around the island. The lady guide was telling us it hadn’t rained since the last July. I didn’t know whether we were lucky or what.


Another quokka at the back (they were everywhere!)

Back in Fremantle around 5-ish. Walked around Fremantle just to check out the place.


Above: Arts Week in Fremantle

At night, we had dinner at this Indonesian Indah Restaurant in Murray Street.

Day 3:

Shopping! My mum was excited about shopping that she woke us up early. Since the shops would only be open at 11 am, we headed to the Bell Tower, which was just nearby Elizabeth Quay. There was an entrance fee to go up to Bell Tower and decided to just pass.

Left: Random flowers picture and Right: Posing in front of Bell Tower

We also stopped by the park nearby to take a pic at the Supreme Court and the government house.


Above: Aussie Mayhem at Supreme Court featuring me (lol!)

Hay Street Mall has an array of shops to choose from e.g: Strandbags, Target, David Jones mall, etc. I got me 2 handbags and a sweater as it was Easter Sale, so the deal was quite hard to resist.

In the evening, we walked to Northbridge which was a 10 – 15 mins walk. I wanted to go to Northbridge Piazza to check out performances by Nueva Salsa Orchestra.

Above: At Northbridge Piazza, watching Nueva Salsa Orchestra

Day 4:

Perth Zoo. Only because I had never seen Australian animals. 😀

We took a ferry from Elizabeth Quay which cost us around AUD 8 as we bought the tickets from the counter. It wasn’t a long ride to the other side. 8 minutes later, we reached Mends Street which presents a nice view of Perth CBD.


Perth CBD view from Mends Street

We then walked straight from the jetty to Perth Zoo (a 10 mins walk). There was an entrance fee of AUD 29 for each adult.


Finally seeing a kangaroo!

In the afternoon, we bought some souvenirs at a souvenir shop owned by a Vietnamese nearby our hotel. We then had lunch at a Malaysian restaurant called D’Ankasa. Total damage for lunch was AUD 82.

Took a Red Cat bus to Kings Park in the evening just to check out the place. Because time was limited, (last bus around 6 pm), we could only scour a quarter of the place.

We had dinner at Central Kebab and Cafe (again) only to find out on the last day, that the Malaysian girl working there could offer some tours in Perth. Maybe next time, we told her. After the dinner, we headed back to the hotel to pack as our flight the next day would be at 6:50 am.

Day 5:

Got a cab to Perth Airport for AUD 37. Apparently there is no midnight rate here unlike Malaysia. What I realised was the security in Australia was quite stringent. My brother got checked twice at the security, even though his luggage passed the screening. I could only assume it was because of his name. Anyway, I had a good time in Perth.

In my opinion, Perth is definitely the kind of place to settle in. If you want to experience a happening lifestyle, I would probably recommend Sydney or Melbourne for your next Australia trip 😉


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  1. Lisa Carolan says:

    Rottnest is so pretty! 🌞

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    1. saigon3 says:

      It is Lisa, what a gem in Perth! The quokkas are quite friendly too 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nick clicks. Looks like lots of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saigon3 says:

      Yes, thanks! But too short of a time 🙂


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