Stranded in a Paradise named Bali

Day 4:

We were about to leave our room when we received a text from Air Asia around 4 am. Apparently, our flight got cancelled due to the volcanic ash from Mount Rinjani in Lombok. There wasn’t any news of a substitute flight either. After some thoughts, my friends and I decided to just check out of the hotel and sort things out at the airport.

Note: Ngurah Rai International Airport is only 15 minutes from Kuta and Legian.

The airport was not packed with people yet (probably because we took early flights). When Air Asia counter opened around 6 am, all of us queued up to inquire on the flight status. However, since all the flights going in and out of  Bali were cancelled, we were issued with new flight tickets. Ours was 1.20 pm, the same day.

Feeling hungry, we decided to get a cab back to Kuta for McD breakfast and free fast WiFi (no McD at the airport). As usual, the cab drivers in Bali were trying to rip us off, so we refused their services. Luckily, there was an airport staff who was willing to alight us at Kuta for IDR 60 000. We agreed instantly. Around 11 am, we took a cab to the airport to catch our flight.


Flight cancellation due to volcanic ash

Surprise, surprise, — not. The airport was full of people lining up to get their flight rescheduled. There still weren’t any flights flying in and out of Bali that morning. I had a hunch that this situation would prolong. And I was right as heck. After spending 3 hours at the airport, Air Asia issued out our flight tickets – Friday night. Which could only mean, another 2 days in Bali. (Yay?)

I booked our hotel (Best Western Kuta Beach) for that night via Our hotel’s location was opposite Kuta Beach. The hotel itself was slightly inside the alley (a nice alley). Again, we were hungry, so we got ourselves bakso from the roadside vendor at Kuta’s beachfront. It only cost us IDR 10 000! And the bakso was damn good. The rest of the day was then spent sleeping and finally exploring Kuta.

Day 5:

The next day, Theo woke up early to take up surfing lesson. The rest of us took a stroll in Legian and Kuta. We checked out that afternoon and checked into another hotel called JOCS Boutique Hotel and Spa in Legian. It was located along the main road in Legian. That night, we spent the time at Legian beach watching a mini concert organised by Harley Davidson.


Mini concert at Legian Beach

Day 6:

Come Friday, we were excited to go back to Malaysia. So we spent our money for a decent lunch at Boardriders Cafe in Legian. As my friends were playing pool, I was surfing the Internet and enjoying my food. Then, I got the e-mail. Our flight that night got cancelled as the flight in KL decided to not fly to Bali. Great, I thought. We packed our stuff at the hotel and went to the airport to get new flight tix back to KL.

Lunch at Boardriders Cafe

After an hour of queuing up for a flight change, we got a flight tix bound to KL on Sunday. And the tickets were not even confirmed, we had to come early that Sunday to be on standby for the afternoon flight.

Day 7:

Theo, Mizah and I decided to go for a swim at Kuta Beach. Bali is known for its surfing beaches, and Kuta is one of them. The waves were rather mean, I almost twisted my ankle swimming in the waters of Kuta! I’m already stranded in Bali, and I don’t wanna die in Kuta, I told my diva self. So we decided to call it a day, and went back to the hotel to rest. Haha. We stayed at JOCS Boutique Hotel and Spa again as the room was big and the price of the room was reasonable.

Day 8:

We got up early to get to the airport that day. Being on standby was draining our energy, due to the long waiting hours and the glimmer of chance to get into the afternoon flight. The counter for standby would only open at 1 pm, as they needed to confirm that there would no longer be other passengers checking into the flight thus, the availability of the flight seats.

And yes, we finally managed to get onto the flight back to KL that afternoon! No words could describe how we felt that day. After a few days in Bali, with limited Indonesian Rupiahs, I would have to say the 4 days of being stranded in Bali was an experience on a whole different level for me. The experience still didn’t deter me from coming back to Bali in the future. I’m probably gonna stay in Seminyak as a change for a slightly luxurious experience if that were to happen 😉


Home bound!

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