and the Liebster Award goes to…


First and foremost, we would like to thank our lovely nominator, robynharley94, for nominating us for the Liebster Award! To answer the 11 questions posed by her, here goes!

1. Share an interesting fact about yourself

Mai: I can burp like a man, or better!

Sabrina:  I used to dance ballet when I was younger. I loved it but I had to stop after a year because there were no more classes available.  😦

Filyn: I bake insanely mean dark chocolate brownies with ganache topping.

2. What motivated you to start your blog?

Mai: I have always wanted to compile my travel experience and share it to the world. As a traveller myself, I rely a lot on the Internet whereby people share their experience i.e the places they go to, the budget they require, etc. In a way, I am trying my best to reach out to the world. Maybe reach out are such big words….. Haha. Then Filyn came up with the most amazing idea, and here we all are 🙂

Sabrina: Well, I’ve wanted to write a blog about everything for a long time but I could never stick to it. The longest I kept a blog about my fictional stories was for 2-3 years? I always loved writing, and what could be more better than writing with friends? Since they would continue when you stop!

Filyn: I have always found blogging as an outlet to keep me from going nuts but have stopped when life got busy. When my friends and I started travelling together, what better reason is there to not write about our travels? I also find it a good way to bond us together.

3. If you were to receive an all-expense paid trip for you and a friend for two weeks, where would your first choice be and why?

Mai: Definitely Spain! Me and my inner Latina thing.

Sabrina: Ooh, definitely somewhere in Europe since the exchange rate is horrid at the moment. I would choose Greece, including visiting the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. I always loved Greek history.

Filyn: Madagascar. My two girlfriends above do not like hiking. What a good time to get them to explore the wild with me and have a nice hotel all paid for waiting for us.

4. What helps you to relax?

Mai: My favourite TV shows with a hot mug of milk tea.

Sabrina: A nice cuddle in bed wrapped in my blanket like a burrito, reading a good book or watching my favourite episode of The Originals.

Filyn: When someone makes me laugh. Or funny enough when I was drafting this on paper, I wrote “hot tea and watching my favorite TV show, The Originals by myself”.

5. If you could be fluent in one other language in addition to the ones you already know, which would you choose and why?

Mai: Spanish, hands down! I have always loved the language and I enjoy listening to Latin music and songs because I like to salsa!

Sabrina: A year ago, I would have said French because I love how elegant the language is. But after meeting my boyfriend, now I would say German because it would be useful to communicate better with his family and friends.

Filyn: Mandarin. I cringe at the thought of learning it, I find a bit difficult to stomach. So, if I have a chance to magically be fluent in a language, this would be it. I would put hard work into French which I find easier to learn.

6. Do you have some sort of bucket list (travel/life experiences/goals)? What are your top three?

Mai: I would like to travel the whole Philippines, stay one night in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and perform Salsa for a big event.

Sabrina: My bucket list is monstrous, but the top three at the moment would be ; a. do my Master’s degree ; b. live outside of Malaysia for an extended period of time or permanently ;c. go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Filyn: I’d like to travel Bhutan. Travel India and experience it like a Hindi movie. Have financial freedom and do whatever the heck I want like making sure all Cambodian kids get a chance at education.

7. Have you read a book that has been especially influential on you? Please tell.

Mai: I don’t have anything specific, honestly. I like to read on motivational stuff and business strategies nowadays because there isn’t an obligation to finish the books! Hahahaha. Ironic isn’t it?

Sabrina: Dawn Rochelle by Lurlene McDaniels. It was my first book reading about a girl my age having leukemia and it opened up my eyes about the challenges of having cancer. It made me interested to learn about chemotherapy and eventually I published a thesis about it when I started working at the hospital.

Filyn: Everything’s Perfect When You’re a Liar by Kelly Oxford. I am not an optimist but this woman spits out hilarious her whole life and it takes her far. It reminds me how important it is to be yourself and to just, not give up on things you want to do.

8. What is the one thing about yourself that you’re most proud of and why?

Mai: Getting back up, stronger than ever, after so many trials and errors in life.

Sabrina: I have great attention to detail or good memory with things that I’m passionate with. I’m not a perfectionist though.

Filyn: My wicked sense of humor. Truth be told, not everyone can see nor share this side of me. But when they do, they miss me when I am not around because I am usually a pretty good entertainment.

9. What is one thing you can’t leave home without?

Mai: My phone!

Sabrina: My cute pocket sized notebook which contains my handmade yearly planner as well as a few empty pages for me to write on if I get bored.

Filyn: Money. I need to eat, man.

10. Is there a craft or hobby you would like to learn how to do?

Mai: I would love to learn more types of dances i.e Kizomba, Bachata, Merengue, Hip-Hop and RnB.

Sabrina: I would love to be more musical and play the piano after mastering the guitar of course. That, or learn kickboxing.

Filyn: Say hello to multiple attempts of failure at surfing. I’d like to be good at a sport please.

11. Tell me where you are now and where you’re going next!

Mai: I am currently in Kuala Lumpur, and I am heading to Penang next week, followed by Perth the week after. I’m psyched!

Sabrina: I’m in Alor Setar. No fixed plans but I’ll start traveling again after May and currently, it’s a throw between the islands of Philippines or Thailand or Bali, whichever comes first!

Filyn: Right now I am in Kuching. I’m going to visit Singapore alone soon for a short weekend. And maybe a (or two) salsa night out 😉

As for our part, we have chosen 4 blogs for our nominees:

  1. Emily: The Wild Wayfarer
  2. Sarah : The Musings of Miss Musgrove
  3. Freya : FJJWest
  4. Karina: spottheredhead

Be sure to visit these amazing girls on their blogs, we had a blast reading their posts! 😀

… and here are our 99 questions! … minus 88..

  1. How do you fund your travels?
  2. Where was the first place you visited and what prompted you to carry on travelling?
  3. What is the first thing you do when you arrive at a new place?
  4. If you’re not doing what you’re doing now, what would you be doing?
  5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
  6. What’s the best meal you ever had while travelling? If possible, insert pictures too.
  7. If anyone could narrate your life story in a Hollywood movie, who would it be? (it could be a fictional character too)
  8. If you could choose to travel in time, would you choose the past or the future, which year/era will you choose to go to and why?
  9. What’s your kind of trip and why? (e.g: beach, city, etc.)
  10. Do you always bring your sunblock around when you travel (other than winter)?
  11. Where is your dream destination?


Signing off, Mai, Sabrina Filyn 

Check out our first trip as a trio in our first travel blog post: Ho Chi Minh!


And animated us on mute mode…[Ho Chi Minh City featuring Filyn on Swag, Ballerina Sabrina and Mai the Conejito Rabbit]



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  1. I tagged you all in the Keep it Fresh Award! Can’t wait to see your answers! 🙂

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    1. saigon3 says:

      Thank you for thinking about us. We are currently a bit busy but we will make sure to inform you when we have completed the tag!


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