Let me Bali you 2

Our itinerary for Day 3 was more relaxing as we decided to do less of the touristy stuff that day. Assuming it was our last full day in Bali, we wanted to just chill around Bali and visit Uluwatu during sunset.

Day 3 itinerary:

  1. Seminyak
  2. Uluwatu
  3. Jimbaran


We went to Seminyak for brunch at a contemporary-looking restaurant called Sisterfields. Oh, Seminyak is definitely a go-to place for quirky, exquisite and pretty restaurants.  I ordered Eggs Benedict with salmon at Sisterfields and yes, they were lovely! The food was quite expensive but it was worth it. The chocolate shake tasted good too. Total damage: IDR 130 000


Chocolate shake & Eggs Benedict with salmon

Potato Head Beach Club

Then, we headed to Potato Head Beach Club Bali. They have another Potato Head branch in Jakarta but the one in Bali had a beachy feel to it. You can have your lunch or dinner here and not to forget, you can also take a dip in the pool with a beachfront view! Potato Head Bali used an array of 18th century teak shutters from across Indonesian archipelago as their signature design. (Source: The Bali Bible)


Beachfront view

Potato Head Beach Club and the unofficial appointed ambassador

Before heading to Uluwatu, we stopped by a couple of places for late lunch and souvenir hunting. The souvenirs in Bali are cheeeeap, that you can even get some for your third degree friends! 😀


Compared to Day 2 in my Let me Bali you post, our trip to Uluwatu was more chill. Uluwatu was a 1 hour drive from Seminyak. Since we had a few stops before Uluwatu, we reached the temple around 5 pm. There was an entrance fee of IDR 20 000 each. Uluwatu boasts a marvelous view of the sea with the waves brushing against the cliffs.

There was the traditional Kecak dance show in Uluwatu as well, but we opted that out. Before we alight from the van, our driver reminded us to be careful with our sunnies or glasses as the monkeys in Uluwatu love stealing them from the tourists. But fret not, the temple staff would try to get back our belongings by whistling and alluring them with food. After the sunset in Uluwatu, we headed to Jimbaran for dinner.


Me spoiling a rather decent shot


The view from Uluwatu Temple


Monkey love


Happy monkey got his glasses during sunset


Jimbaran is famous for its seafood options. Since my friends and I hail from a city that is famous for its reasonably priced seafood (namely Kuching), we only ordered fried squid for dinner. Our dinner was just by the beach, with a view of flights taking off from the airport. Ah.. flights. Little did we know what was going to happen to us the next day. The sound of the crashing waves and a bunch of men singing and playing music from one table to another filled up the not-so-lonely night.


Our dinner! (Missing in picture are ayam bakar (roasted chicken))

After a hearty dinner, we went back to the hotel and packed our belongings for the next day. We felt sad because we could only enjoy Bali for a short time and I secretly wished we could stay here longer.

As our flight was scheduled to fly at 6 am, we retired to bed early that night.


2 blog posts on Bali are definitely not sufficient as my Bali experience was one I could never forget. That said, stay tuned for my third post on Bali! 🙂


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  1. Looks like you had a great time! We was considering Bali this year but opted for Iceland. Quite a contrast! https://thiscouplewent.wordpress.com/


    1. saigon3 says:

      Yes i did! There was an interesting string of events after our Day 3. Anyway, you should consider Bali and Lombok next time 🙂 Hope you plan well for Iceland! The pictures in your Iceland post look really pretty.


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