Adventure and fun in Krabi & Phuket

This was my first trip with Filyn, a lot happened on this trip, and to say this trip was the best we ever had was a surprise since we didn’t do much, to be honest. We woke up when we wanted to, planned the next day the night beforehand and mostly spent our time on the beach. I had my reservations in the beginning, call me superstitious but I was thinking about the tsunami in Phuket… what are the chances that it’ll happen again? Filyn doesn’t know this but I had a feeling that something bad will happen. (Superstition, deja vu, whatever you want to call it! :p)

And turns out, something bad did happen but just in the beginning.

We started off really early as we had an early morning flight. As we got into the taxi, I had the sudden idea to ask about Filyn’s passport. It was a bit unfortunate that I asked too late because we found that her passport will expire in 3 months time. Most countries require a validity period of at least 6 months before the expiry date. So, we started off our journey with the taxi driver laughing at us, and bargaining with the flight attendant and rushing back to Putrajaya to renew it and ended up travelling that afternoon instead.

When we reached Krabi, we found out that the hostel that we stayed in wanted cash plus deposit, therefore we lost a considerable amount of our money. Note to self: Check at the hotel where you’re staying if they want cash or card. Second note to self: Call your bank before you leave the country so that you can withdraw money in case of an emergency.

All part of the adventure guys! 😉

That aside, we stayed at Slumber Party at the Beach Hostel. This was the first hostel that I stayed at which I interacted with so many people. The staff, David and Sara were very nice and friendly. In our dorm, we made friends with people from countries such as Canada, Netherlands, Sweden and Singapore.

Hanging out at the lobby

This hostel is a party hostel so I don’t recommend you staying here unless you want to have fun and party!

Ladyboys 300baht

We slept in capsule kind of beds, with curtains for privacy. We also had lockers but you need to bring your own padlocks. The hostel arranges a few tours, such as pub crawls and islands tour, and we immediately chose to go with their “4 Islands of Awesomeness Tour”. No old people, or screaming babies, just with the backpackers from the hostel.

See how green the water is in Krabi!


We started our trip by going the first beach where we visited a penis cave (yes, there’s an actual cave where wooden sticks are given as an offering to the goddess living on that island). After that, we swam in a secret cave, and had lunch at the beach.

Chicken Island

Sara took us back to the boat where we snorkelled around Chicken Island. There were so many fishes!

Dare to jump? 😉

And our last activity? Cliff jumping! Actually it’s called deep water diving. But who cares? Everyone was egging each other to do it and we did it! How did it feel? Exhilarating? Yes!!! The adrenaline rush was amazing!

A couple of dudes punching and kicking each other

After the adventure filled day, Filyn and I went to watch a Muay Thai match that night with our friend from the hostel, a Dutch guy named Rob. I’ve heard of Muay Thai before but had never actually seen the fighters in action. They fought with their legs and it seemed a bit more rougher than normal boxing. After a few fights, it seemed repetitive and I admit I got sleepy.

On some nights we went out with other backpackers. It was an interesting night out, Filyn and I almost had a cat fight with some local Thai girls (don’t even ask, it was just a small matter blown out of proportion) and at the end of a night, it was just nice to sit in front of the hostel, talking with random people.

During the day, we spent time with Rob, walking on Ao Nang beach opposite our hostel, taking pictures. It was a pleasant day. We passed a massage place and Rob and Filyn had a traditional thai massage by the beach while I opted for a foot massage. They both really liked the massages.


We left for Phuket on one early morning, we took a high speed boat which was around an hour’s trip. Once we arrived, we were taken to our hostel, Balcony Hostel. It’s a nice hostel, we had our own bathroom. The hostel wasn’t far from the beach and was just around 15 mins walk to Bangla street. We had one roommate on the first night, then on the last two nights, two American girls. We didn’t get to meet a lot of people as compared to the first hostel we stayed in.

Patong Beach, Phuket

During the day, we spent lazing around on the beach at Patong Beach. It’s a crowded beach but still the sandy white beach and clear blue waters will still tempt you to spend some time here. There’s massages place scattered across the beach.

Bangla street


Bangla street is a street where all the entertainment is at. At sunset, the street is closed to all motorists and cars. That night, we met with some backpackers in a hostel there and hung out with them. It was also on this night, I met my boyfriend, Andy. Ever so charming, he cut an intimidating figure even in the beginning since he is so tall. We still laugh about how funny circumstances brought us to one another that night. We bought a lantern together, blew our wishes into it and watch it float into the sky. After that, we spent time on the beach and walked through Bangla street together before eventually all of us proceeded to split up at almost 6am. It was definitely a memorable night.


After barely an hour’s sleep, Filyn and I went for the Koh Pha Ngan tour. We made friends with two French guys on the trip, Jerome and Hugo. Jerome was full of humour and made us laugh at no end with his impression of Donald Duck. We went kayaking, although we didn’t have to kayak on this one, except the local who did it for us(THANK YOU!). The greenery is really amazing, and it’s very peaceful. We went into some caves, although the caves at one point were so low, we were forced to lie down on our backs just to pass through!

James Bond Island

We went to James Bond island next. Although it was not as interesting (as Andy had said the night before, “It’s just a rock. Why do you want to go and see it?”), I suppose for James Bond movie fans they would enjoy seeing the rock? Or maybe not.

It was a half day tour, by afternoon we were back in our hotel and sleeping. We made plans for dinner with Hugo but we overslept!! Luckily, Hugo was still waiting for us and we had a really nice tom yum at one of the restaurants by the beach. After dinner, we met with Jerome for some drinks and then the three of us headed to the beach once again. Filyn, Hugo and I bought another lantern and we watch the lantern struggle to float up before watching finally float skywards. Afterwards, we laid on the beach and talked about everything.

At the airport, back to reality!

When the next day came, Filyn and I weren’t ready to leave. Although we didn’t really plan and did not stick to a proper schedule of touring and activities, we had each other’s company and sometimes doing absolutely nothing touristy is also an activity as well.

But if I had a chance to revisit Phuket and Krabi, I would definitely go to Phuket. Krabi is definitely more laidback but tourism there is still growing. However, Phuket has long since been one of Thailand’s top places for tourism and has a lot more things to offer. Nice beaches (even if its crowded), vibrant buzzing nightlife and a lot more touristy spots to go to. I would love the chance to visit the pristine islands of Similan and of course Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay if I ever come back to Phuket again. Although it is still entirely possible to stay in Krabi too to go to these places as they are many tour operators that will arrange it. Bottom line, Krabi is more relaxed and Phuket is more lively.

Why did we enjoy the trip? My guess is that it’s because of the company we had. We were lucky to meet like minded individuals. (Sorry, I’ll go on for a bit haha, just some random musing to end my post.) If you haven’t traveled with a friend, do it! Travelling with your best friend is awesome. But even if you’re alone, there’s so many people out there with their own interesting stories and personalities waiting for you to meet them. Making friends from a trip is one of the best things about travel.

Sabrina running after gelato in Krabi
Two losers on their phone

Ask any backpacker or traveler about traveling, you’ll be amazed by their passion for it. I’m passionate, as well as Filyn and Mai too. I’m excited for the unknown adventure that awaits me when I arrive in a foreign country. I’m thrilled when I get to have deep conversations with random people from different countries.

So, what are you guys waiting for?


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