Hi, I am Filyn and I think I can write too.

I can never write something as detailed as what Mai have written in the first blog post so I guess I will just begin by introducing myself in the hope you will buy more of what I am saying later.

I am a wanderlust. Thanks for reading, k bye.

Nooo, not yet. Okay let’s try.

I work in healthcare. I love the job(but it has a lot of its own frustrating stories) and I work a lot, when you can’t find me at work, I can be found in the kitchen – baking(just baked my first serious cheesecake) or cooking. I have my series of food sensitivity issues, hence I love experimenting on healthier options. However, on holidays I usually say screw you to my gut problems and face the pain later. My love for food drives me to the gym. I love working out and when I work out I can eat more food! (disclaimer: I am not a fit bunny. Yet.) Because of my love for food and taste and my potty mouth, I will speak more on food in this blog. A gastronomic experience is essential in my trips.

Besides that, a good party is necessary once in a while (even right now I am dancing to Missy Elliot. How did I live without Spotify before?). I love salsa dancing. Learning moves from Mai(she attends classes), we both recently started hunting down salsa clubs wherever we go. Checking out salsa scenes in different countries is exciting. It is also a good reason to carry a nice dress and a pair of sexy strappy high heels around. Decoding different attitudes and cultures – you have no idea how long we ruminate about this after each session. 😀

I started backpacking in 2008, when I was 21. I’ve gone to other places before but they were family vacations. My first backpacking trip was to the Big Apple, the land of opportunities, trying to unveil the reality behind of what I’ve seen on tv growing up. To my dismay, I didn’t find New York City as amazing it was in my head (this can go into another post). I planned my USA trip by myself for a month, researching the internet on places to go and where to stay, telling myself if I can do this, I can do anything. My dad who saw me at the computer at all time told me “Sometimes you can’t plan everything, just know the big stuff and then find your way around it and enjoy!” Well I did it, with just enough research on the big things and finding myself around things, my brother and I spent a splendid month in the summer travelling around USA and that’s how I’ve traveled to this day. One of the best travel advice ever, thanks dad!

I do have to say, as I grow older my sense of appreciation towards different things while I travel have developed and been refined – like my taste in photograpy and fashion(ermm) and avoiding farmer’s tan. errr


Now you get what I mean? Those farmer’s tan are crazy, especially those raccoon eyes. But I promise I developed into a cuter rodent later in the days 😛rabbit

I don’t go to hostels as much any longer and enjoy a good hotel once in a while. I don’t love main tourist attractions in the cities as much as I enjoy getting on a bike ride to some mountain an hour or two away from the city visiting local schools along the way and going back ‘home’ with dirty faces. I like staying at one place for a long time and just chill and explore. So, do expect some uncommon path travel stories here.

Up to this day I have traveled  to 12 countries(USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and of course Malaysia!) and more than 60 cities. I am expecting an exponential growth in that number as this blog proceeds of course. With every place I experience, I always bring a piece back with me. Travel changes me and I love it. I think this picture sums up how I feel quite accurately.


I hope you will enjoy and benefit from what we are sharing on here. Mai and Sabrina write intricately, so stay tune for their next posts and let us know what you want to hear about! *gobbles cheesecake, yumm*  😉






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