Meet the saigon3

About us

Just a little intro; saigon3 has 3 contributors (all ladies, i know, trivia) and we have been putting off this blog idea for aeons until a trip to Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon) came along.

Who are we?

Filyn and Mai are childhood friends but lost contact when they changed school at the age of 13. Both of them never spoke to each other again when they went to different high schools, until one day Filyn had a sort of epiphany of her childhood friend when she was in the shower. She later gave Mai a phone call (still having Mai’s number embedded in her head amazingly) and wala, the rest is history!

Sabrina and Filyn went to college together. They were classmates doing the same programme. Post college, despite living in different states, they still find themselves having crazy nights in Thailand and KL.

Mai and Sabrina met on a “blind date” set by Filyn when Sabrina came to town and Filyn wasn’t around. They both found connection in reading and writing. As you can tell, it was a successful date!

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